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29000 Class Railcars

© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


29002 at kildare on the 23rd May 2007 about to form the 1435 service to Dublin Heuston
29002 at Kildare on 23rd May 2007, about to form the 14:35 working to Dublin Heuston.
Roof detail on 29402

I was able to use the turn-round/layover at Kildare to capture some details of these units.


Here us some roof detail on DMSO 29104.



I was also able to walk along photographing the underfloor equipment detail on all 4 cars on one side. Next time I will endeavour to get them broadside on but here I was unable to get back far enough even with the lens at its widest angle. If the underfloor equipment is identical on all four cars - its looks as if it might be - then I have captured both sides of a car twice.

underfloor equipment detail on 29102
Underfloor equipment on DMSO 29102.
underfloor equipment detail on 29202
Underfloor equipment on MSO 29202.
underfloor equipment detail on 29302
Underfloor equipment on MSO 29302.
underfloor equipment detail on 29402
Underfloor equipment on DMSO 29402.

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