Montréal Railway Environs
10th & 11th August 2011
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

Entrance to Gare Lucien-L-Allier on 10th August 2011

Gare Windsor has been replaced by the rather functional Gare Lucien-L'Allier, which is built on the western approach to the former Gare Windsor and is little more than a corridor on the side of the Bell Centre with four basic low level platforms and eight tracks. This station only sees diesel push-pull commuter services of AMT (Agence Métropolitaine de Transport) of the Blainville-St Jérôme, Vaudreuil-Hudson and Candiac lines. It was originally named Terminus Windsor but it was renamed to avoid confusion with the Gare Windsor which retains its name to this day, if not its function. So the station was renamed after the nearby Metro Station of Lucien-L'Allier, which in turn is named after Lucien L'Allier former Engineer and Director of Public Works for the City of Montréal, former President of the Montréal Transit Commission and the Montréal Urban Community Transit Commission, during which he also served as chief engineer for the initial network of the metro.

AMT F40PHs 302 and 301 on the afternoon of 10th August 2011 EMD F40PH locomotives AMT 302 and 301 in platforms 5 and 3 respectively. The F40s are due to be replaced by bi-modal ALP-45DP locomotives ordered jointly with New Jersey Transit.
Bombardier bi-level cab car 3025 at the head of the 1615 to Candiac on 10th August 2011 Bombardier bi-level cab control car AMT 3025 will lead the 16:15 service to Candiac out of platform 7 on 10th August. It is a four car formation - Candiac being the shortest commute out of the Gare Lucien-L'Allier.
EMD F59PH RBRX 18523 about to push the 1615 to Candiac on 10th August 2011 The 16:15 to Candiac will be pushed by hired-in power , clearly a former GO Transit F59PH locomotive, now RBRX 18523.
Commuters rush to catch the 1620 to Vaudreuil on 10th August 2011

As the 16:15 to Candiac departs platform 7 commuters rush to catch the 16:20 to Vaudreuil on platform 5. This is a much longer train. With F40PH 302 in the pushing position, I found there was another F40 locomotive at the country end. I am assuming the cab car driving controls had failed, requiring the use of a locomotive at the driving end, as a single F40 ought to be powerful enough for even this long formation.


Note the rather basic station facilities!

AMT F40PHs 302 and 301 on the afternoon of 10th August 2011

Another view of AMT locomotives 302 and 301. 301, in platform 3, will push the 16:50 to St Jérôme.


I did not linger as the evening peak crowds were building up and even my tenuous grasp of French (French is the only official language in the Province of Québec ) extended to me knowing I should not have been on the platforms without a ticket, though my French is also good enough to read that this is based on trust with occasional checks! I did not want to take my chances asking for a "billet de voie" because I did not want to risk being unable to understand the reply....

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